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Creating A Budget for Special Occasion Spending

Posted on 12-15-2014

There are some special days that always require extra spending. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, Christmas, weddings, and more can require major financial expenditures that can be very challenging if you are not prepared. Special occasions are meant to create lasting memories, not create so much stress that you can barely remember what happened! One of the best ways to avoid the stress and embrace the joy of the occasion is to plan ahead. Creating a budget for special occasion spending can help you plan adequately and be prepared for the responsibilities that the special day will bring.

Here are a few tips to help you create a budget for special occasion spending:

  • Be realistic. Take the time to carefully consider your costs. It’s good to be frugal, but also be honest with yourself. Plan the budget you will need to enjoy the occasion.
  • Be creative. Think about what you want and the most effective way to make it happen. Negotiate your costs down if possible. Think of creative ways to enjoy your event without excessive spending.
  • Be concise. Consider every expense that you are likely to accrue. Fees, gas, lunches, postage, upgrades, lodging and repairs are ideas of expenses that can easily be overlooked.
  • Start saving. Once you have your budgeted amount, start saving as soon as possible. Put your savings in a designated place and avoid using the money for unplanned reasons.

Here is a template for a holiday budget, which can be adjusted for any special occasion. Practical Money Skills For Life offers other budgeting resources you may find useful. The goal is to enjoy your special occasion without creating future financial stress. Planning throughout the year can help you put the credit cards aside, and use your planned funds. Make your special occasions and holidays memorable and fun with careful planning and budgeting.

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