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Infant child care advice in Huntersville, NC: How to babyproof your home

Posted on 06-11-2014


Infants are at a very vulnerable stage of their lives. An infant's vulnerability is matched only by their desire to explore and learn. Baby proofing your home is the best way to ensure that your child has the freedom to explore while keeping him/her safe. Here's a quick guide to ensuring this safety:

  • Get your infant's perspective: Observe your home from a child's perspective by asking yourself some the following questions: What's within reach, where can my infant bump into something sharp, and are there small spaces that could be a problem? This will help you evaluate which cupboards, structures and pieces of furniture need to be modified in order for the child to remain safe. Stairs should also be blocked at the bottom and top with gates.
  • Cleaning products and medicine: These items represent some of the most dangerous substances in the home. Be sure they are stored in a secure place well out of the child's reach. It's important that all medications be placed in a safe location and returned to that location directly after use.
  • Decor: Valuable and decorative items that contain small parts should be placed out of reach or packed away. All small and brightly colored objects present a serious choking hazard if the child puts them in his/her mouth. When your child starts crawling, make sure that all stands, lamp bases and other pieces of furniture are placed out of reach or secured. Infants often use these items to pull themselves up and accidentally topple the furniture over onto themselves. Curtain ties and blinds should also be lifted out of reach. Ties and blinds have been known to cause children to suffocate due to strangulation.
  • Electrical outlets: Baby-proof all electrical outlets; even ones behind furniture or those that are used infrequently. Rather than using small plugs that can pose a choking hazard to your child, choose covers that have a safety latch.
  • The yard: Infants love exploring the outdoors as much as the indoors, so cover or fence in your pool, ponds and water features. Poisonous plants should be removed and gardening equipment, fertilizers and poisons safely locked away.

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