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Lake Norman Learning Academy: Fetal Brain Development Week-by-Week

Posted on 01-13-2015


Parents recognize the importance of brain development, however many do not understand that some of the most important developments take place in the prenatal stage. In this piece we will take a look at some of the most important prenatal brain development milestones.

Week three

Many experts still consider the child to be an embryo at this stage, however, important organs and structures are already starting to form. These include the cardiovascular system, the spine and most importantly, the brain. Your baby is already forming at this early stage.

Week four through ten

Your child has already developed three different brain sections, the middle brain, forebrain, and hindbrain. The hindbrain sees the most development at this stage as it controls vital functions such as heartbeat, muscle control, and breathing. By the tenth week your child is forming around 300,000 neurons every minute.

Week eleven through twenty- five

Your child’s spinal column has been clearly formed with nerves beginning to move out from the spinal cord. The brain’s development is at a stage where various sensory stimuli can be felt. By week twenty-five the brain will begin to regulate all bodily functions while initiating both auditory and visual systems.

Week twenty-six through forty

The brain begins to form folds. Brainwaves are also becoming stronger at this point further enhancing sensory stimuli. The brain is now completely in control of breathing and body temperature. The final trimester sees even more folds being formed. The brain is now establishing innumerable connections between nerve cells. The brain along with the lungs is the last organs to be formed prior to birth.

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