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Happy Parent
Dear Kids R Kids, I'm writing you this letter, to tell you how you've made my life so much better. My son started out at another center which I hated so bad. I could give you a laundry list of the bad experiences I've had. I'm going to tell you how much I love you and I appreciate you too, for looking out for my little one and all the sweet things that you do. I love Kids R Kids because it's not a daycare it's a learning academy where the teachers really care. I love Kids R Kids because it's clean and neat, you have to take off your shoes and have bare feet. I love Kids R Kids because they greet you with a smile, it makes me feel warm and cozy to leave them with my only child. I love Kids R Kids because it gives you the assurance, to watch your child on TV and the teacher's endurance. I love Kids R Kids because they really care, it makes me proud to say my kid goes there. I love Kids R Kids because they love me, I love Kids R Kids because they make me HAPPY! Sincerely, The happiest parent EVER!
T. Roseboro
Hardest Choice
One of the hardest choices I have ever had to make was choosing a childcare facility. For some lucky families, someone is able to stay at home and keep the children there with them. But for a lot of families, both parents work and daycare is one of the only options. I have had the pleasure of experiencing a top notch childcare experience with Kids R Kids of Lake Norman. I have seen both my children, Ethan age 5, and Emily age 2, flourish over the years and much of that I can attribute to Kids R Kids (KRK). Many people struggle with the decision of daycare but truthfully, KRK works so nicely with our family. The facility offers all that you would expect from a five star licensed center but the staff is what in my mind makes a difference. Everyday my children walk in and each teacher greets them by name. Many days they all provide hugs of comfort and love to each of them as we walk through the front door of the school. As a mother, that makes a world of difference and is what sets KRK apart. There are many reasons to share why I love KRK which begin from getting my children on a consistent and predictable schedule with sleeping, to providing well balanced and healthy meals and snacks, and to ensuring they are surrounded by a safe and nurturing environment. The activities my children take part in are so creative and involve arts and crafts that I would never be able to do with them. All the supplies provided for the projects are already present and when I pick up, I am able to take home beautiful artwork for my refrigerator. During the holidays, even more creativity is offered to the children in terms of special gifts for the parents and family. For my older child, outside activities are provided as part of the cost of my tuition and this allows him the engagement and involvement with music, physical education, Spanish, and even weekly trips to the public library. During the summer months, a variety of field trips are also offered for even more fun and learning. The social interaction my children experiences and the diversity they are exposed to are wonderful for their growth. I just love that they are encountering those experiences and learning as part of a group independent from me. The day is filled with pre-planned activities that are both fun yet engaging and focus on the development of my children. Reoccurring assessments are completed and shared with me as a parent, which provides me with an understanding on how they are progressing and behaving relative to their peers. Daily updates are provided as well, which provides me confidence each and every day that focus is placed on them. Sometimes we'll be driving down the road and I'll hear either Ethan or Emily point to something new and tell me what it's called. I am amazed because I know I didn't teach them that and it makes me smile to think that they learned this from me not teaching them and from one of the fabulous teachers at KRK. I must say the best part of KRKs, which I alluded to earlier, is the staff. I am a very involved mother, to say the least, and I engage with each one of my children's teacher daily. I am so touched by how each one of them truly embraces my children. Since they spend the majority of the day with them, it is comforting to know that they can tell when one of them is having a bad day or not feeling well. They know their personalities and can apply different learning techniques with them. I try my best to build an open and communicative relationship with the teachers and have always received an overwhelming response back. I value their input and am very thankful for what they bring to both my children's lives. All of the reasons described above as to why I love KRK of Lake Norman can be summarized in one sentence. It is obvious when you walk through the door that you are joining a family of people who respect you as a parent and are willing to take an active role in your child's education.
K. Bohanick
Out of the mouths of Babes
The other evening, as the bedtime routine was underway; our 6 year old said, while climbing up his ladder to the top bunk - "Mom, Kids R Kids is like the best place ever, right? Every time we pick the girls up, I remember how much I love it there." Out of the mouths of babes, as the idiom goes, captures how our family feels about KidsRKids of Lake Norman (KRK LKN). Our son Finnian joined the family at KRK LKN in 2009. He has since moved on and is currently enrolled as a 1st grader, but his 2 younger sisters are happily following in his footsteps. Caroline is enrolled in the Young 2's Program and our littlest; Mary Ellen is enrolled in the Young Toddler Program at KRK LKN. When Finnian has a break from school, KRK LKN is the first place he wants to go. He wants to reconnect with his buddies from years past and eat Miss Kandy's spaghetti. There is no greater feeling as a parent than to have your child feel safe and enjoy himself, all in a learning environment while you are spending 10 hours away from them at work. The guilt I feel as a working Mom of 3 young children can sometimes be crippling. When I feel this way, I log on to the webcam to see what the girls are up to or I pick up the phone and call KRK LKN; and every time, every single time, my guilt lessons because I realize the environment at KRK LKN is exactly what my children need to become social, responsible, happy little people. When I look on the webcam, a smile immediate comes as I watch Caroline sitting with her peers, listening to Miss Amanda read & teach from a book. Or a giggle escapes my mouth when I see Mary Ellen climbing over one of her favorite teachers, Miss Linda. At the end of a long work week, when I think, Lord, help me find the strength to juggle this all over again, I look in the girls KRK bag and see the learning agenda that Miss Amanda has prepared for the following week and the age appropriate homework that will help Caroline keep her mind sharp. I see this and I think, thank you Miss Amanda for outlining what I can do to help my child succeed. When I pull out Mary Ellen's paper, sometimes I'll see "needs more diapers" and I sigh, thinking more diapers? And then I think, wow,I trust Miss Holley and Miss Linda to take care of the most private of issues for our littlest babe. These people are not just teachers or daycare workers, they are an extension of me and my husband, because we trust they will care for our children as we would. All of the KRK people who interact with our children have special talents and qualities. Each teacher is different, which allows our children to know diversity of all kinds. Each teacher genuinely tries to foster a relationship with our child and for that, we are truly grateful. When I call KRK to check in or ask a question, I am regularly greeted by Miss Chris. Her straight forwardness and professionalism reminds me that my girls are in good, capable hands. Chris is always on the top of her game prepared to help me with a vague parenting question or provide me with a humorous short tale of the girls that brightens my day. I trust Chris has high expectations of her team, which only makes the decision to keep working easier for me. I know that Chris will not tolerate breaking of any rules that are meant to keep our children safe and for that, we are eternally grateful. We have been blessed to be surrounded by people who genuinely care for our children as we would. The direction in which Mr. Drew operates his Academy is steadfast. He holds true to the qualities that make KRK LKN a success, but also demonstrates he is flexible with the changing needs of families today. For example, he is present, my children know Mr. Drew because he makes himself available, doesn't sit behind closed doors, and most recently, he opened up his facility for a Fall Festival which our family treasures. He understands that his Academy is an extension of the modern family and we are blessed to be under his leadership. I'm attaching an email that I sent to Mr. Drew this past August. In addition to this letter, you will find that our experience at KRK LKN has been successful even before this contest was created. In this day where we are all trying to beat the clock and sometimes feel disadvantaged due to issues outside of our control, there are people, who together, can make a difference in each others lives. I hope the team at KRK LKN knows how much we truly appreciate them. Best, Mary
Mary S.
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