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Policies & Procedures

Kids 'R´ Kids academy of Lake Norman has an open door policy to you, the parent, any time your child is present in the school. For the safety of all children, we do request that you make your presence known to the person in charge and cooperate in not disrupting the school´s program.

Children Served
Kids ´R´ Kids Academy of Lake Norman is open to children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old, including Kindergarten, are without discrimination on the basis of political affiliation, religion, race, color, sex, mental or physical disabilities.

Hours of Operation
Hours of operation for Kids ´R´ Kids Academy of Lake Norman are Monday through Friday from 6:30 am - 6:30 pm, 12 months a year. 
We observe the following holidays:   New Years Day, President's Day ( teachers work day ), Good Friday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, two days at Thanksgiving and two days at Christmas.   See current school calendar for exact dates.

Kids ´R´ Kids Schools are licensed for specific hours of operation; early arrival and late pick-up cannot be allowed.

If children are left at the school after closing time and no word is received from the parent(s) or an emergency contact cannot be reached, authorities will be contacted.

After the school´s closing time, the school charges a minmium of $15 per minute for the first minute up to a the fist 15 minutes, after which the rate changes to $1 per minute.for late pick-up fee. 

Weather Closing and Delays

For the convenience of our families, any delays or closings due to inclement weather will be listed on WBTV (CBS) and WCNC (NBC) under the listing of Kids R Kids Lake Norman. Please realize that we will make every effort to open if I personally feel our staff can safely make it to work. I hope everyone will understand, safety is our top concern for our staff and our children.  

Upon enrollment, your child(ren) will need all state, county and Kids ´R´ Kids forms completed in a timely manner. All forms necessary will be provided by your school.  You must have all immunization records provided to the school before starting attending.

Please note that all Information on required forms regarding your child(ren) or specific school forms must be updated as needed.

Breakfast, lunch, and morning and afternoon snacks are available at Kids ´R´ Kids Academy at Lake Norman. Information will be provided by the school on any charges that may apply. The school will also provide information on the schedule times for serving meals and snacks.

For bottle-fed children, parents must provide prepared formula placed in bottles. The school will inform you of the policy regarding baby foods. All infant items should be marked with the child´s first and last name and well as the current date prepared.

Weekly menus for children on table food are available for review.  See under menus.

Please see the principal for information regarding special diets and allergies.

A tuition and fee schedule will be provided by your at Kids ´R´ Kids Academy at Lake Norman. You will be informed of all rates, discounts, late fees, activity fees, registration fees, check return fees, and any school-specific fees.

All fees are inclusive of tuition, Watch Me Grow -Internet monitoring, as well as all meals including breakfast and  lunch as well as snacks.   In our infant rooms, all jar baby food is included with your weekly tuition.   Parents will have to provide all special milk.

The tuition and fee schedule will also provide you with information regarding when payment is due and any late charges to be applied. Also included on the tuition and fee schedule will be the School Policy on Attendance, explaining the number of days that require full tuition, half tuition, and vacation days allowed.
(See Parent Hand Book for details.)

All prescribed medication must be left at the front desk with the person in charge. A medication form must be filled out completely and signed by the parent or guardian before any medication can be given.

Medications must be in the original container and labeled as follows: child´s name, current date, dosage, times to be given, expiration date, and any other special instructions.

Any non-prescription medication must have a signed, dated note from the child´s doctor stating the name of the child to receive the medication, name of the medication, amount to be given, times to be given, length of time to be given and any other special instructions.

Medications will be dispensed only by the person or persons designated by the Franchisee or principal of the school.

(See one of our front desk or management staff about our specific policies that cover medications.)

Medical Emergency
If a child becomes ill, injured, or has an adverse reaction to prescribed medication while at the school, the parent(s) or emergency contact person will be notified immediately.

If it is necessary to seek immediate medical attention for a child, the child will be transported to the designated medical facility. * The child´s vehicle and emergency medical permission forms, as well as the health information file, will accompany the child.

In the event of an occurrence of a communicable disease as outlined by the Department of Health, written notification will be posted on the classroom door within 24 hours or the next business day.

*(The designated medical facility will be listed on all emergency, transportation, and enrollment forms.)

Transportation (To and From Public School)
Our buses provide transportation from public or private elementary or grade schools. Please contact us for a current list of schools where we pick up from. Additionally, several local schools send bus transporation to our school.

Transportation Agreements are signed once for each school year.

Vehicle Emergency Forms must be completed and information kept up to date.

If your child will not be picked up by our bus from your school at the end of the school day, you must notify the school in advance, but no later than 12 noon of the day your child is to be picked up. There is a $10 fee for not notifying our management staff of your change in pick up schedule.

Transportation (Field Trips)
Field Trip Permission Forms must be signed and dated for each field trip.

Vehicle Emergency Forms must be completed and information kept up to date.

It is recommended that all children going on field trips wear a Kids ´R´ Kids t-shirt.

Internet Access
Internet access to your child´s classroom is by password only. By enrolling your child at Kids ´R´ Kids you consent that your child(ren) may also be seen on the Internet by other persons viewing with passwords.

Severe Weather, Fire or Emergency Situations
If an emergency situation develops such as severe weather, fire, physical damage to the building, or any other situation that poses a threat, the safety of the children is our first concern.

The school is equipped with a weather band radio, a fire alarm sprinkler system and fire extinguishers. Fire and severe weather drills are conducted according to state and county regulations or every 30 days.

If there is an emergency situation and it becomes necessary to close the school, parents will be notified to make arrangements for early pick-up.

If there is inclement weather and it is determined that the school will not open, parents will be instructed by the school via this web site as well as TV or radio stations providing closing information.

If an emergency situation develops and it is determined that the building or premises are unsafe, your child(ren) will be transported to a safe location.  Parents will be notified of the situation and you will be required to pick up your child(ren) as soon as possible.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Tobacco
In our effort to provide a safe, healthy environment in which each child may grow and develop, we maintain a school free of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco use.

The use or presence of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco by school staff, parents, or anyone visiting the school is prohibited in the building or anywhere on the grounds .

The use or presence of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco is prohibited during any outing or field trip, as well as on any vehicle used by the school to transport your child(ren).

At Kids ´R´ Kids Academy of Lake Norman, we use a method of "redirection" to guide your child(ren) toward appropriate behavior. If a child is engaged in behavior not conducive to a safe and happy learning environment, the teacher will "redirect" the child toward appropriate behavior. (The use of physical punishment and harsh language is prohibited.)

Parents or guardians are required to abide by the Kids 'R´ Kids Academy's Discipline Policy any time they are on school property.

Dismissal Policy
The staff will work with each child to fulfill the needs of that child, and every effort will be made to provide a positive learning experience. Special needs will be accommodated when possible.

Kids ´R´ Kids Academy reserves the right to ask parents to make alternative arrangements for care if it is determined that a child´s needs cannot be met, or the child has not adjusted to group care provided by the school. In the event behavior becomes disruptive to the program or becomes a problem that poses an unsafe situation for the child or other children in the class, alternative arrangements will be required.

If you, as a parent, are uncooperative in completing and returning forms, fail to pay your tuition on time, fail to follow any state or county regulations, or fail to follow any Kids ´R´ Kids Policy or Procedure, it may be necessary to dismiss your child(ren) from the school.

The Parent's Role
The relationship between parents and school staff is vital to the success of a child´s experience. A partnership must be formed the first day with open communication and understanding that the development and growth of the child is our top priority.

Parents can assist and help ensure a smooth transition by doing the following:

Sign children in and out at the front desk and then escort them to their designated class. Have all forms completed promptly. Update forms as needed when changes occur (i.e. new phone number, address, etc.). Keep staff informed of special needs or changes that might affect your child´s behavior. Notify the school if your child is ill. Do not bring an ill child to the school. Notify the school if your child will be absent. Notify the school if you will be later than usual picking up your child. Provide a change of clothes marked with your child´s name. (School is not responsible for lost clothing.) Children should be dressed properly for the weather and play. Do not allow children to bring toys. We encourage parents to participate in the school´s special activities, attend scheduled parent meetings and conferences and  ask questions and address concerns as they arise.

Kids ´R´ KidsAcademy of Lake Norman reserves the right to change or revise any policies, procedures, or tuition/fee schedules when deemed necessary. Written notification will be provided to parents.

Kids ´R´ Kids Learning Academies is referred to as Kids ´R´ Kids Academy of Lake Norman , Kids ´R´ Kids Schools.

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